Welcome to the Global Truth Center, at the Center of a World Wide Spiritual Evolution.  
The Global Truth Center is a loving, inclusive community whose Vision Statement is:
"Love Only - Forgive Everything - Remember Who You Are!"
Our Mission Statement is:
"Do It Now!"
 We honor all walks of life and all spiritual traditions that teach love, respect, integrity and inclusivity.
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Our goal is to create a safe and sacred place where an individual can discover his or her own spiritual path and personal purpose.
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Rev. James Mellon was recently invited to speak at the Bigger Game Expo. Here's a comment from Rick Tamlyn of "The Bigger Game":
"What inspires me the most about this month's featured Bigger Game Player, James Mellon, is his ability to create. James is a producer, writer, actor, dancer, singer, minister (the list goes on and on and includes tap dancer!)... who includes and creates from every aspect of his life in service of entertaining, engaging and enlightening us all. 
As the co-founder of The Global Truth Network, his Bigger Game is to provide Enlightenment Through Entertainment.
At the Bigger Game Expo, James reminded us that we all have creative genius within us to create magical fulfilling lives.
Here's a clip of James at the Expo... I hope you'll enjoy his positive energy and wisdom!"



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