Do The Work...
Live the Results!

Join Dr. James for a sixteen week journey to the depths of your belief system! Are you ready to embody success, prosperity, perfect health, and happiness?

Let Dr. James Mellon be your personal trainer as you embark on the greatest workout you will ever experience… a mental workout!

Two Participation Options:


Join Dr. James Tuesday and Friday Mornings at 7am for an hour via easy-to-use Zoom web conferencing technology (the same technology we use for all our online class offerings).


Join Dr. James Tuesdays, 7pm, in-person in Westlake Village for your first session of the week, then join the online group Friday mornings at 7am.

Mental Muscle works like this…

Meet with Dr. James and your workout partners one hour each Tuesday and Friday. Dr. James will coach you through the directives on Tuesdays, with a follow up each Friday!