5 Building Blocks of Mental Muscle

Meditation Communication


Join Dr. James for a sixteen week journey to the depths of your belief system! Are you ready to embody success, prosperity, perfect health, and happiness?

Let Dr. James Mellon be your personal trainer as you embark on the greatest workout you will ever experience… a mental workout!

Two Participation Options:


Join Dr. James Tuesday and Friday Mornings at 7am for an hour via easy-to-use Zoom web conferencing technology (the same technology we use for all our online class offerings).


Join Dr. James Tuesdays, 7pm, in-person in Westlake Village for your first session of the week, then join the online group Friday mornings at 7am.

Mental Muscle works like this…

Meet with Dr. James and your workout partners one hour each Tuesday and Friday. Dr. James will coach you through the directives on Tuesdays, with a follow up each Friday!

How Mental Muscle works...

Each week's session starts with meditation. Each week part of your experience is dedicated to mediation practice. Meditation is personal, so don't be intimidated by the thought that you may have to sit in lotus position and clear your mind of all thoughts... this is not what you will be doing. The purpose of meditation is to calm the mind, to place your focus on hearing the voice of your higher self. However you chose to accomplish that directive is entirely up to you!

You will also have the chance for communication, to share what is happening for you in each session. Communication is key to rooting up those erroneous beliefs that are holding you back.

Dr. James will also offer a weekly intention which is the focus for the week. So take it a step at a time! As you stay aware of this intention you will begin to see it play out in your everyday affairs. You will be amazed at how much you will discover about what is going on in your mind on a daily basis!

This discovery can only be done through attention. Wherever we place our attention grows energetically. When we pay attention, we are able to BE the cause to our experience, and master the Law of Cause and Effect.

Finally, you will have me to engage you in accountability. Dr. James becomes your personal trainer during these sixteen weeks holding you accountable to the work.

Do The Work...
Live the Results!